Learning Wagön

Learning Wagon is a learning programme that imparts to our youths a variety of everyday life skills towards independent living. These functional skills are critical in developing their self sufficiency. Each student has IEP goals (Individual Education Plan goals) of various domains which will be discussed with their caregivers prior to program’s start. 

Learners will learn skills from the following domains such as:

> Functional Literacy – Reading for information, answering WH questions

> Functional Numeracy – Reading prices and making purchases at a supermarket

> Community Living & Food preparation – Using the self-checkout at the Supermarket, Cooking food using equipment like an air fryer, rice cooker and oven

> Home management skills  – Wipe table after eating, vacuum floor

> Social emotional skills – Identify feelings, identify likes and dislikes

> Social communication skills – How to ask for help, speak using appropriate volume

> Work habits – Follow and interact with a given schedule

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