WE OFFER THE 1:1 Program

Consultation is available to support the inclusion with extra support needs in adolescent care, their families and care staff.

Providing the program with the tools they need to facilitate the full and meaningful participation of children with extra support needs.


Individualised programmes are designed according to the needs of the individual with special needs and their family. It has an individualised education plan that catered to the needs of the individual and family. It can be held at the centre or at home depending on the goal.  It can encompass the following:

> Functional literacy & numeracy skills 

> Getting the individual ready for group programme

> Setting up a schedule and home system

> Teaching home management skills like how to wash clothes, wipe table, vacuum the floor etc 

> Food Preparation to cook a simple meal or assist in meal preparation 

> Self-regulation skills to know how to keep calm and setting up a safe place at home

Working with client in a 1:1 setting to teach functional numeracy skills.
Working with client in a 1:1 setting to teach functional literacy skills.
  • Functional literacy & numeracy skills

  • Daily living skills

  • Community living skills

  • Social & communication skills

  • Self-regulation skills

  • Academic tuition

  • Behaviour intervention


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