A 12-session weekend enrichment programme for youths with autism, aged 13 to 25. It provides opportunities for youths to learn, practise and apply literacy, numeracy and social skills for daily and community living. Values, such as responsibility and resilience, will also be taught explicitly in the programme.

ActiveLeärners comprises 2 levels – basic and intermediate.


At Click, we strongly believe in collaborating with parents to provide a consistent learning environment for youths with autism. This is done through sharing of the child’s progress and relevant strategies that can be reinforced at home. At the end of the programme, parents will receive a portfolio of your child’s work. You will also receive an individualised education plan (IEP) that summarises the following:

  • Achieved learning goals

  • Strengths and areas of improvement

  • Effective strategies adopted by the coach that parents could utilise at home and/or share with the child’s school teacher

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